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Makeup 101: How to Apply Foundation: If you can’t try on the foundation you are interested in, hold it up next to your face (in sunlight if possible). Use available coupons to help you save on beauty products. Skin color changes with the seasons, so your foundation should change, too. For instance, do not wear the same foundation with a summer tan as you would in the winter. For the most professional application, use your fingertips or a triangle sponge to apply foundation. Natural sea sponges don’t cover evenly – save them for your bath. Instead, try Sponge Wedges – the smooth surface strokes on evenly, the tapered edge blends make-up into tough to reach spots like corners between eye and nose.

Use foundation on your eyelids even if you never wear shadow. It gives a bright, open look to the entire eye area. When you wear foundation on your entire face or need coverage at the jaw line, be sure to blend it into the edges of your face and down onto your neck, or else you will appear to have a mask on. Sponge Wedges offer a smooth surface for an even application. If you are using a liquid foundation, always shake the bottle vigorously before applying. Foundation color should be so perfectly matched to your skin tone that it seems to disappear into your skin. It should not be noticeable in any way. Find a store location near you. If it is, the shade is wrong. To smooth fine lines, normal to dry skin types should prime their skin by adding a light layer of moisturizer or CG Smoothers Tinted Moisturizer 10 minutes before applying make-up.

Powder: Loose, pressed or liquid? Learn which one is right for you and how to apply it. Loose: Gives the most thorough powder coverage. Use a puff to give your face the most matte layer. Use a brush to achieve a lighter, more blended layer. Dip Trick: Sprinkle loose powder onto a clean, flat surface like a tissue or a mirror. Then dip the brush in this, instead of the container, to get the right amount on the brush and control spill. Pro Tip: To avoid getting powder in your eye, separate a double-ply tissue, place one ply over closed eyes, and powder. Sponge Solutions: For the thickest coverage, apply loose powder with a CoverGirl Sponge Wedge. Night Moves: For a reflective, luminous nighttime effect, add a touch of Eye Enhancers 1-Kit Shadow in Champagne to powder and mix.

Pressed: Doesn’t deliver the intensity of loose powder, but is much more versatile. Toss a pressed powder compact in your purse or pack for midday touch-ups. Clean Up Crew: If you apply pressed powder with a puff, replace it regularly. If you use a brush, wash it frequently (learn how here). Just remember to keep it clean-with continuous use, oils build up which can affect your finished look. Make It Last: Moisture and humidity can cause clumping and caking of pressed powder. Don’t keep yours in the bathroom. Learn more about Cover Girl products and supplies. Slick Situations: Attack mid-day oiliness with pressed powder by blotting shiny areas with a tissue first to avoid a cakey finish and an oily puff. Easy Breezy Style: On casual days, when you want to go without foundation, a little pressed powder helps make your skin look more flawless and helps keep the shine away.

Liquid Powder: A creamy foundation formula that looks like a pressed powder compact. Liquid Powder gives buildable, blendable coverage with a soft, powdery finish.

Concealer 101: Learn how to hide red spots, unwanted acne, dark circles – everything! – with one tiny tube of cover-up.

For stubborn dark circles, warm concealer in the palm of your hand before applying it under eyes-the heat of your skin will thin it slightly, resulting in finer, smoother coverage. Dot a shimmering mixture of Invisible Concealer and Eye Enhancers 1-Kit Shadow in French Vanilla at the corners of your eyes and blend outward. Avoid having your face appear paler than your neck in photos; skip the foundation and use concealer just where you need it. Top with Professional Loose Powder. Looking for a light layer or quick coverage? Apply concealer only on flaws, blemishes, and under-eye circles; blend and go!

Help hide dark under eye circles before applying foundation. Lightly dot on concealer in a shade that closely matches your foundation using a sponge or fingertip to blend. After applying foundation, dab concealer only on blemishes. Let it dry for a second then set the concealer by lightly dabbing it with a cotton swab with a little loose powder on the tip. A little concealer goes a long way-too much accentuates rather than hides. If your application looks caked-on, wrap a tissue around your finger, and gently blot it over the surface to remove the excess. Apply concealer under the eyes, up to the lower lashes and most importantly, on the innermost corner of the eyes to brighten your eye area. Finally, don’t forget to blend!